EVAM System

A complete and userfriendly vehicle to vehicle communication system for your needs

At a call-out, motorist are given an early warning message about your presence. EVAM helps you through todays dense traffic while improving traffic safety, accessibility and shortening response times.

Call out
Traffic accident

When working along the roadside e.g., at an accident site, an early alert is given to approaching motorists. Follow on accidents and injuries on emergency workers can be prevented.

Key features

New functionality without adding any new operations for the drivers

Emergency driving demands full focus and leaves little room for controlling different systems.

 EVAM adapts to different situations in traffic autonomously and requires no operations when fully integrated. EVAM provides a new way of warning motorists of emergency vehicles without adding any operations for the driver of the emergency vehicle.

Easy installation

EVAM can easily be installed in all kind of vehicles by your regular technician.

Integrate with current control systems

EVAM can be integrated with current control systems to work seamless with current controls. This enables EVAM to, among other things, automatically be turned on when blue lights are activated.

Effective service and support

We always want to keep our users running – it’s critical. We do so by providing an effective service and support with trained local teams, possibilities of remote second line support and a great warranty programme.


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